Zone Face Lift

A spiritual holistic facial treatment being hailed as a credible natural alternative to botox. It can potentially help you to look 10 years younger in 12 weeks! 

Designed to lift the face and the spirit, Zone Face Lift is a totally unique treatment. A fusion of facial reflexology, pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage, Japanese uplift massage and ancient healing techniques. The treatment also uses a range of tools such as Gua Sha, accupressure roller, quartz crystals, smudging and sacred healing herbs to provide an uplifting experience that is comparable to no other facial treatment. 

Zone face lift is all about ageing well, naturally!

We also offer a fantastic bridal/occasion package, for when you want to look the best version of you, with radiant, uplifted skin and that special glow on the outside and in! Receive the Zone Face Lift treatment for 3 consecutive days prior to your event, to  

Ziggie Bergman's Zone Face Lift has received rave reviews in Tatler, Vogue, Daily Mail and Harpers Baazar, to name just a few. 

Single 90 minute treatment - £55

Full course of 12 treatments (payable in advance) - £605, pay for 11 and receive your 12th treatment free. 

For more information please feel free to email or contact us on 07956 775798.

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