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Swedish Body Massage

Using long gliding, therapeutic strokes Swedish massage is designed to promote total body relaxation. Although Swedish massage goes way beyond offering relaxation - it can increase the oxygen levels in the blood, improve circulation, flush the circulatory system, release tight muscles, restore mobility, relieve pain, remove aches and pains, reduce stress and enhance your sense of well being.

75 minute Full Body (including face & scalp) - £40

60 minute Full Body - £35

30 minute Back, Neck & Shoulders - £25

60 minute Full Body & Neal's Yard Express facial - £50

(Cleanse, tone, polish, mask and facial/scalp massage)

Neal's Yard Holistic Facial

60 minute - £32

Express 30 minute - £25

Eliminate stress tension and promote well being with a holistic facial treatment. This wonderful facial treatment will help to reduce puffiness, boost circulation, aid lymphatic drainage, reduce wrinkles and stress lines, relieve stress and tension in the face, neck and shoulders, brighten the skin's appearance, give smooth, radiant skin and provide relaxation and increase your sense of well being. 

Deep Tissue Massage60 minute tailored treatment - £35

If you are suffering from aches and pains that just wont seem to shift, or have tension that a regular massage doesn't seem to solve a deep tissue might be what you are looking for! Deep tissue works on a deeper level targeting specific problem areas with slower, more concentrated massage techniques. Soft fists, forearms and elbows are used alongside traditional techniques.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minute Full Body - £45

30 minute Back, Neck & Shoulder - £30

Smooth, rounded natural basalt stones are used during this treatment. The warmed stones provide an extremely relaxing and tension melting massage. As the heat penetrates into the muscles the stones help to soothe aching muscles, relieving stress and giving a deep sense of relaxation.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage - 90 minute Full Body - £48

This luxurious treatment combines the healing effects of traditional eastern massage with steamed herbal compresses. A rich, enticing blend of over 14 aromatic and therapeutic Thai herbs to achieve deep relaxation & invigorate mind, body & soul.

Pregnancy Massage 

60 minute Full Body - £35

30 minute Back, Neck & Shoulder - £25

During pregnancy your body goes through so many changes, both physically and emotionally. This can cause many new aches and pains, postural changes and hormonal changes. Emotionally, a massage treatment can help to improve well being throughout this exciting and ever-changing chapter in your life. We provide pregnancy massage from 12 weeks all the way throughout pregnancy. Using side laying positioning and a specialised pregnancy cushion to ensure total comfort during your treatment.

Oncology Massage

60 minute Full Body - £35

30 minute Back, Neck & Shoulder - £25

45 minute Facial - £30

Holistic therapies are such a fantastic way to free the mind, relieve the body and heal the soul. Which is why we believe it is so important that treatments are available to all, and should not be turned away at the time they may need it the most. 


Pick & Mix treatments x2 - £35, x3 - £45

Cant decide which treatments to choose pick 2 0r 3 treatments from the list for your session. 

30 min Reflexology
30 min Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
30 min Express Neals Yard Facial
30 min Facial Reflexology

Beauty Treatments

Lash Lift & Tint - £25

(With brow tint £30)


Brow & Lash - £16

Brow - £8

Lash - £8

Reflexology - 60 mins - £28 

A gentle, holistic treatment which may aid with re-balancing the body, improving your well being and promote better health
Reflexology uses gentle pressure techniques on these different
reflex zones to clear congestion, stress reduction, and to help restore the natural balance in the body.

Not only is Reflexology an extremely relaxing treatment, you may find that your stress and tension is reduced, mood improved, improvements in your sleep and your overall sense of well being to be more balanced.

Maternity Reflexology - 60 mins - £28

Hot Stone Reflexology - 60 min - £34

Similar to the holistic approach used in Reflexology, hot stones are incorporated into the session as it is believed that the stones tend to have a greater healing affect on the body, in a short time. Often thought of as a 'turbo charged' reflexology session, the heat from the warmed natural basalt stones relax the body on a deeper level thus increasing the positive effects that can come with reflexology. 

Facial Reflexology - 60 mins - £35

Think Reflexology is all about the feet, think again!

This deeply relaxing treatment begins with a facial cleanse and tone using luxurious Neals Yard products and hot towels. An amethyst crystal-infused elixir with blend of sacred herbs is applied, facial reflexology treatment is used to detect any imbalances in the reflex points helping to reduce stress and improve health and well being. Rose quartz crystals are used to clear congestion in the face, aid lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and feel wonderfully cooling on the skin. 

Zone Face Lift - 90 mins - £45

A spiritual holistic facial treatment being hailed as a credible natural alternative to botox. It can potentially help you to look 10 years younger in 12 weeks! 

Designed to lift the face and the spirit, Zone Face Lift is a totally unique treatment. A fusion of facial reflexology, pressure point massage, lymphatic drainage, Japanese uplift massage and ancient healing techniques. The treatment also uses a range of tools such as Gua Sha, accupressure roller, quartz crystals, smudging and sacred healing herbs to provide an uplifting experience that is comparable to no other facial treatment. 

Zone face lift is all about ageing well, naturally!

Reflexology - Supporting your conception journey (Click for info)

Prices discussed at initial consultation

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