Facial Reflexology

Think Reflexology is all about the feet, think again! The proximity of the face to the brain is the key t0 effectively working facial reflex points in this truly holistic treatment. 

As well as all of the benefits associated with reflexology on the feet, Bergman Method Facial reflexology also has the additional benefits of increased circulation, reduced muscle tension - giving the face a more relaxed appearance, the skin will feel smoother, look smoother and more toned. 

This 60 minute treatment begins with a facial cleanse and tone using luxurious Neals Yard products and hot towels. After which Zone Face Lift Facial Elixir is applied, An award winning amethyst crystal-infused oil with blend of sacred herbs, and a deeply relaxing facial reflexology treatment is given to detect any imbalances in the facial reflex points helping to reduce stress and improve health and well being. Rose quartz crystals are incorporated into the treatment to clear congestion in the face, aid lymphatic drainage, reduce puffiness and feel wonderfully cooling on the skin. 

£35 for a 60 minute treatment 

130A Water Street, Port Talbot, SA12 6LH

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