Deep Tissue Massage

If you are suffering from aches and pains that just wont seem to shift, or have tension that a regular massage doesnt seem to solve a deep tissue might be what you are looking for! 

Although similar to swedish massage, deep tissue works on a deeper level targeting specific problem areas with slower, more concentrated massage techniques. Soft fists, forearms and elbows are used alongside traditional techniques. 

Whilst this can sometimes cause some mild discomfort, deep tissue can be very effective at stretching and elongating muscles, realigning the different layers of tissues, breaking down adhesions, treating tendons and releasing fascia. A common misconception of deep tissue massage is that it should be very painful, when infact, intense pain is counterproductive to massage. Bracing against movements will only serve to create further muscle tightness and make the area less pliable. 

A deep tissue session is indivually tailored to suit your needs, a 60 minute session will generally be needed to target an area such as the back, neck and shoulders due to the slower, more concentrated work that provides an effective deep tissue massage.

Sometimes, a course of deep tissue sessions are required to provide optimal results. 

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